The cherry blossom season is here!

We introduce some spots for photographing the beautiful cherry blossoms that symbolize spring in Japan.

First, Inokashira Park.

It is a lovely popular park looking for Cherry Blossom.
The cherry blossom trees are highly concentrated around the pond.
You can see some cherry blossom which hang over and onto the pond’s surface.

Another place is Showa Memorial Park!

Showa Memorial Park is a park located near the central Tokyo and is known as the best place for Cherry Blossom viewing in Tokyo. It is one of the largest parks in the Tokyo area.
There are approximately 1,500 cherry trees in the park, which is Somei-Yoshino.
The park is spacious and full of Japanese style, and you can take great pictures with cherry blossoms in full bloom!

If you choice there for the shooting, you should be able to take some very special and unique to Japanese photos!

This is a rare opportunity to see Cherry Blossom during the year!
Isn’t it a luxurious experience to shooting with the best of Cherry Blossom in Tokyo?

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