We have prepared some frequently asked questions about our services and photo sessions.
Also, don’t forget to check “How to Have a Fun Photo Session” at the bottom.

Making a Reservation

Q. How do I book a photo session?

A. Please fill up the forms in a contact page or you can contact us via e-mail, WhatsApp, Instagram and WeChat. We will try to get in touch with you within 24-48 hours.

Q. How far in advance should I book my photo shoot?

A. You can make a reservation for your photo shoot at least one week in advance. However, as your desired day and location may not be available, we recommend making your reservation approximately 1-2 month in advance.

Q.Should I make a deposit?

A.Yes, deposit is needed as a part of the reservation process, you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit US$500. The remaining balance will be paid by 1 week prior to the day of the photo shoot. Please complete the payment of deposit via credit card. You will be provided an invoice.

Q.When is the best season to have a photo session?

A.Since Japan is famous for its beautiful four seasons, please choose the season you like. You can shoot in Japan all year long. We recommend you to have your photo session on weekdays since it is crowded everywhere on weekends and some places are prohibited for photo shoots.

Our Services

Q.What are the differences between Pre wedding shoot and Casual prenup / Family shoot?

A.In Casual prenup / Family photo session, you can experience Japanese original activities. Basically, it takes half day in casual outfits.
In Pre wedding photo session, you will be wearing wedding dress and formal suits or Japanese kimono. It takes a half day to a whole day.

Q.Can I have Pre wedding shoot and Casual prenup / Family shoot in the same day?

A.Yes, you are welcome to bring your own outfits. We generally ask our clients to bring their outfits at the time of your shoot. Just for our information, please provide us the picture you would be wearing in advance for our information.

Q.Can I have my photo session in a special and unique place?

A.You are welcome to share your ideal place for photo session with us. We will try our best to make your wish come true. However, please be noted that some places in Japan are prohibited for shooting with special costumes, like wedding dresses and kimono. Also, some places do allow shooting in special costumes but with additional charges.


Q.Can I rent outfits? Like wedding gowns, formal suits, kimono, etc.?

A.Yes, we have dress shops for you to choose your desired outfits. However, please be noted that western style outfits need to be fit in advance to adjust according to your size. If you would like to rent outfits from us, please tell us your size.
For western-style photo shoot, we ask the bride to bring a pair of nude colored stockings and the groom to bring a pair of black or white socks. Depending on the theme, you may be required to bring additional outfits.

Q.Can I bring my own outfits?

A.Yes, of course. You are welcome to bring your own outfits. In order to avoid any problems with delivery or storage, we generally ask you to bring your own outfits on your scheduled
photoshoot. Just for our information, please provide us a picture of your outfit beforehand.

Photo Session

Q.How do I meet photographers on my shooting day?

A. Photographer basically meets you at CAFE&WEDDING22 and heads to a location together. The place where you get ready changes depending on the locations of the photoshoot.

Q.Do we need to pay transportation expenses from one shooting place to another?

A.Transportation expenses are already included in our package services.

Q.I cannot speak Japanese. What should I do?

A.Please don’t worry. We have staff who knows how to speak English, Chinese and Spanish.

Q.What if it rains on my shooting day?

A. In the case of outdoor photoshoot, we cannot change the day even if it is raining. If you would like to postpone or cancel the photoshoot, we will charge a cancellation fee according to the terms of service. However, if there are a natural disasters such as typhoon, we will only charge a USD500 deposit as a cancellation fee.

Q. Do you provide lunch when the photo session takes long?

A.We do not provide lunch for a half day session. Therefore, please prepare some cookies or snacks just in case you get hungry. Packed lunch will be provided for a whole day photo session. So as to save time, we will have lunch together. If you are a vegetarian, please inform us ahead of time so that we can prepare.

Q. Our traveling plan has changed. Can We change the date of our shooting?

A. We will charge you a cancellation fee as below. – 61 days before the scheduled photo shoot, no fees will be charged. – 60~31 days before the scheduled photo shoot, 30% of the latest quotation will be charged. – 30~15 days before the scheduled photo shoot, 50% of the latest quotation will be charged. – 14~2 days before the scheduled photo shoot, 80% of the latest quotation will be charged. – The day before or on the day, 100% of the latest quotation will be charged. Please be noted that your photographer and shooting location might change depending on the availability.

Q.Can we take pictures from our cellphones or personal cameras?

A. Yes, of course. You can take pictures as you like.

Q.Are there any items that we should prepare?

A.You are welcome to bring items you like, such as rings, outfits, etc.


Q.How do I pay?

A.We require you to have a down payment of US$500. We accept PayPal, Wechat pay and bank transfer as mode of payment.
On the shooting day, PayPal or cash is also accepted.


Q.Can we request for photo editing? What are the editing services that you offer?

A. Our photographer will perform a simple photo retouch. Normally, we do not edit human figures, eg. faces or bodies.

Q. How do I receive all the data?

A. We will send you a private link after 1 month from your shooting day. Please download your data from the link. Please be noted that since we don’t keep your data in our server, please secure a copy of the data after you download it.

How to Have a Fun Photo Session Some tips from our experience

We have accepted a lot of clients from all over the world.
Based on our experiences, we have some tips to give to our customers in order to have a successful photo session.


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