Have you ever been to Kyoto during the red leaf seasons?

It’s so beautiful and it would make people fascinated.

Today I’d like to introduce Kyoto in the red leaves where was shot.Kyoto’s famous sights of the red leaves include Tofuku Temple, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and Yongguan Hall.

As a photographic attraction, Kyoto Prefecture Botanical Garden, Kyoto Royal Garden, Yuanshan Park and so on are recommended.

But this time, I went to zhe Ōhorano Shrine.It is known that the famous Red Leaf Ornamental Site to the locals.

Ōhorano Shrine is a shrine located in the Nishikyo area, and is affectionately known as the spring day of Kyoto.

Anyway, it will make people spend quiet and comfortable time there.

When I went to shoot, because the red leaves were flourishing, it was really beautiful.

The shrine is also beautiful inside, and the roads used for visits during the Red Leaf Period are  beautiful in this season.


Although it is a beautiful time for red leaves, in the days before the flowering began, the dream cherry “Qianli cherry” and the lotus in the carp pond were scattered in Ōhorano Shrine. Because of the rich nature (landscape), the new green period was also beautiful.

The two protagonists in this photograph are Chinese-born bride and groom, but they are also fluent in Japanese because they live in Japan.

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