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Japan has four beautiful seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter. There are blue skies, gentle sea and green mountain. Japanese people cherish natures and its culture. We, Japan-based photographers, have long experiences, and we will offer you great services. We will lead you to a new Japan where you haven't been experienced before.

High skilled photographers

Our photographers are specialized in portrait photography, advertisement photography, landscape photography, architectural photography and commodity photography. Some of them can speak English, Chinese, Spanish and Korean. Please feel free to contact us when you need Photographers. We can also help you arrange your pictorial in Japan, such as hotels, permission application of locations, interpreter and assistants. You will find your best business partner in us. We are also sending our photographers overseas.

Excellent Teamwork
in Wedding Shooting

We are a professional shooting team in the wedding industry. We can help your photo session in Japan. We have a lot of wedding costumes (western style and Japanese style, etc.) and hair & make-up artists. If you would like to conduct a Photo session in Japan commercially, you must ask for a permission for your location. It is sometimes hard if you don't speak Japanese. However, we can help you do it. We have bilingual staff who can speak in English, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.

Local guide & photographer
for your Group travel

We can arrange local guides, local photographers and interpreters for your Group travel. We can provide you full services. Photographers are always by your side, anytime, anywhere. If you come in large teams, we can also take you a group photo. We render service in all places in Japan. We also provide printing services. You can get your printings in just a minimum of 2 days! Nothing is impossible, so please feel free to contact us anytime!

We are your local agency

If you choose us to be your trusted local agency in Japan, your preliminary inspection of sight seeing spots and hotel arrangement would be very easy. You don't need to establish a corporation in Japan to do these tasks because we are your partners here. Please feel free to contact us for your shooting needs, eg. movies, advertisements, weddings, group and individual shooting. We can also provide you with services that make you experience the various activities unique to Japanese culture.


Company NameMighty Co.
CEOManabu Shiraki
AddressGranico Bldg B1, Honcho 2-12-6, Kichijoji, Musashino-sho, Tokyo, Japan, 180-0004
ContactMAIL: contact@jpphotographer.com
Our business

・Wedding Cafe ( "CAFE WEDDING22" at Kichijoji,Tokyo)
・Wedding Produce
・Shooting Photographs and Videos