Kimono in Kamakura

Feel more the charms of Japan

Enjoy 10 times more if you wear a Kimono and let yourself fit in this ancient city.
Kamakura is in Kanagawa prefecture and it is an ancient city that has produced its own original cultures.
Kamakura offers numerous temples, shrines and other historical monuments.
Some call it “the Kyoto of Eastern Japan”. You can also enjoy surfing and shopping, etc.

Kamakura is a major resort in Japan. Photo session in autumn is highly recommended.


A Half Day

  • Price
    US$ 580
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  • Location
    Kamakura ( Kanto Region-Kanagawa )
  • Photo Session Course
    A Half Day


  • Included
    • Shooting
    • Data sending
    • Hair set only
    • Costume rental
  • Number of shot
  • How it works

    1. Meeting with Photographer
    2. Photo session
    3. End of session

  • Options
    • Special Movie shooting
      Pre wedding Photo Session


  • You are welcome to bring your wedding outfits. If you need outfit rental, please provide us your sizes beforehand. We also recommend you to fit outfit beforehand.

  • This is an out-door shooting. There is a possibility that we cannot shoot in case of a bad weather, such as typhoon. Photo session will be conducted in sunny days and rainy days.