Taking a walk in Shibuya

Shibuya where Japanese original cultures bloom

Shibuya is a very big city in Japan, where Japanese original cultures bloom.
This is a photo session that you can walk around the city while looking for many Japanese interesting cultures.
Shibuya is a popular city among young generations. A big crossing road in front of Shibuya Station can be a big amusement attraction.

Shibuya is a city of Japanese young generations. It has its original sceneries which you can’t see in other cities. I recommend you to walk across the big crossing road. Photo session at night is also highly recommended.


A Half Day

  • Price
    US$ 480
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  • Location
    Shibuya ( Tokyo )
  • Photo Session Course
    A Half Day


  • Included
    • Shooting
    • Data sending
  • Number of shot
  • How it works

    1. Meeting with Photographer
    2. Photo session
    3. End of session

  • Options
    • Special Movie shooting
      Pre wedding Photo Session


  • This is an out-door shooting. There is a possibility that we cannot shoot in case of a bad weather, such as typhoon. Photo session will be conducted in sunny days and rainy days.

  • You are welcome to bring your wedding outfits. If you need outfit rental, please provide us your sizes beforehand. We also recommend you to fit outfit beforehand.