We love Japanese cultures, especially Cartoons. It was the 5th time for us to come to Japan. We were planning to wear Kimono in Asakusa this time and looking for some Kimonos.
We saw JP Photographer website in the internet, and we tried to inquire about it.
We had a Skype chat with the coordinator and decided to take pre-wedding photos too!!
We brought our wedding dress and formal suit with us to Japan.
Since we are big fan of Japan, we chose Japanese garden as our location. There were no problems even if we do not speak Japanese. Their work was very organized and trustful.
We were also very happy with the quality of the photos and movies. We have taken photos by our own cameras but the photos taken by their professional photographers were totally different!!
We will surely go to Asakusa and wear Kimono with our baby and ask them to shoot us again!!